Plein Air Curaçao

International Art Festival

March 9 - March 18, 2017

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Plein Eau Painting
Plein Air Workshops
  • From March 9 through March 18, 2017 Art Foundation Curaçao will host the 4th Plein Air Festival on the tropical island of Curaçao. Local and international artists will paint on land as well as underwater. A variety of media will be used with emphasis on oils, watercolors and pastels. Workshops are given for adults, teens and kids. Paintings made on the last day of the festival are entered in a contest. Paintings made during the festival will be put up for sale.

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  • The exotic island of Curaçao is often referred to as the Caribbean's "Hidden Treasure". It offers the perfect combination of stunning geography, rich culture, and colorful, colonial architecture -- the capital city of Willemstad has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage City --. Curaçao is a compelling place to capture on canvas and highly recommended for both plein air and plein eau (underwater) artists.

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