Art Foundation Curaçao has partnered with Jerry's Artarama to provide participants of Plein Air Curaçao the opportunity to buy art supplies online and have them delivered in Curaçao. If Jerry's Artarama does not have an item, they will order it from other suppliers. Additionally, Jerry's Artarama supports Plein Air Curaçao by donating a small percentage of each order amount to our organization.


Step 1: Place the order with Jerry's Artarama

Click on the banner of Jerry's Artarama or click <here> to access Jerry's collection of supplies, and order whatever you need.  



Step 2: Specify billing and shipping address

Please specify your own contact information under billing address.

The shipping address should be as indicated below, c/o Ms. Idania Larrubia at Bon Bini Cargo Consolidators

Step 3: Contact BBC Consolidators

To ensure proper delivery of the order, contact Ms. Idania by telephone (305-594-1111 Ext. 103), email ( or e-fax (305-675-3231) with the request to ship your supplies to Curaçao. Also send BBC a copy of your order invoice and the tracking numbers.

Step 4: In Curaçao, reimburse overseas shipment costs and import duties

Plein Air Curaçao will advance payments for overseas shipment from Florida to Curaçao to BBC as well as payments to third parties for import duties, local handling, etc. These payments will be billed to you, the artist, in Curaçao without any (administrative) mark-up by Plein Air Curaçao.

Forward art supplies to:

Your name

c/o Hellen Chirino-Roosberg,

Art Foundation Curaçao,

Cas Cora weg 20,

Willemstad, Curaçao

Dutch Caribbean.

Tel: (5999) 736 1719 or (5999) 528 7875



It’s best not to paint with the canvas or palette in full sun.
The umbrella can be attached to the easel.
Placing the easel in shade will also work as well as turning the easel so that the sun is behind the canvas. Alternatively, a golf umbrella can also be used.
A box, suitcase or backpack on wheels for carrying supplies.
For strong painters, many of the supplies can be carried in a backpack. Others may find a small grocery cart will work for carrying supplies.
A French easel is the standard but t
"Art Cocoons" carriers for wet paintings are avalable from Plein Air Curacao at cost price, in the sizes: 8 x 10", 9 x 12", 11 x 14".
For those who like to sit while painting.
Bug spray, sunscreen, full brim hat, trash bag for paper towels and rags, water for drinking.
For painting, stretched canvas can be used but will need a cardboard backing to prevent the sun from shining through. Panels are usually cotton or canvas glued to board or some stiff backing.
Most plein air artists are oil painters but there are many fine watercolorists, pastelists and acrylic painters who do plein air paintings.
Hence, oils, acrylic, watercolors and pastels are all fine, but keep in mind that water based oils dry more slowly than traditional oils.

Oil painters and acrylic painters should bring a a limited palette which will include a light and medium yellow, pure red and a bluish red such as alizarin crimson or magenta, ultramarine blue and cerulean blue. Titaniu
A container or glass jar with secure(!) lid for the turpentine or mineral spirits (not paint thinner which is usually acetone). Please do not travel with these; they will be provided by our organization and you can pick them up on arrival. Also a small container for keeping uncovered mineral spirits handy for dipping the brush. Need not have a lid.
A selection of natural bristle brushes including filberts, flats, brights and sables (brushes can also be synthetic if they are stiff (e.g. the Princeton synthetics). Water-colorists, bring what you are accustomed to using.
This can be a disposable palette or a wooden palette which comes with the French easel. For a cheap and easy palette, tape wax paper to the inside of a flat box that has a cover so it can be transported without a lot of mess
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