Art Foundation Curaçao is a non-profit organization founded based on the idea that people of Curaçao are creative and talented and that Curaçao has all the ingredients to become an art destination.
Our mission is to promote Curaçao as an Art Destination, attracting artists and art lovers/collectors/dealers to the island. To build a forum for local artists to exchange techniques and foster friendships with international artists, and Encourage the public to develop their artistic talents in the widest sense.

the gallery

Art Foundation Curacao Gallery is located in Hanchi Snoa #27, Punda. Here is where the exhibition of the Plein Air Curacao Festival takes  place. 
When the Festival is over other activities and exhibitions are held in the Gallery . 

the shop

We always have a handful of art supplies left from every festival available for purchase at the shop. Georgian Oil Paint, Maimery watercolors, watercolor paper 22"x30", canvas panels in various sizes, Cretacolor Charcoal Pencils and much more.

the museum

The intention of Plein Air Curacao Art Museum is to house a slowly growing permanent collection of the beautiful paintings of Curaçao made during the festival. 

projects & Activities



At least once a year Art Foundation Curacao organizes bus tours to Museums in Curacao. The same with "Open Atelier Route", we visit different artists at their ateliers all over Curacao

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Celebrating International Museum Day every year, Walking Tours to Museums in Punda are held starting at our own Plein Air Curacao Art Museum.

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The last Lecture that took place was about Copyright infringement for painters by Mrs. G. Maduro - Managing Director at Bureau Intellectual Property. 

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If you care to improve your skills, workshops are given throughout the year by International and local artists for teens and adults.

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Art Foundation Curacao organizes the Curaçao Cubes auction of the beautifully decorative wooden blocks to generate funds to give free  art  classes to kids in Curaçao.

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 is professional and tireless, very result oriented and creative, with the capacity to make big things happen for art in Curaçao. We are looking for less expensive ways to communicate this to the general public and our local (and international) partners/clients, so that more persons, especially the youth, can benefit from the organized art projects and activities.


Each kid from residential homes in Curacao will create their art by preparing and painting their own creations on small (97x97x44mm) block to exhibit and sell to the public. The proceeds of the sales will go to each home for the purpose of continuing art activities.


 In connection with the 4th edition theme of Plein Air Cuacao:
Plein Aerial, over a hundred children formed our deer.

Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once we grow up.  

Pablo Picasso

kids workshop

The youth of Curaçao play an important part in our activities. Free art classes are given at schools and alternative homes ("internaten"). We give workshops for teens and free workshops for youngsters at JJIC (former GOG), which is the youth correctional institution. When beautiful art is being created, there is less room for thinking of mischief.

Scavenger hunt

Plein air paintings of scenes in  Punda are being used in this Scavenger hunt for kids. The kids will be divided in groups and work collaboratively to find the scenes that matches the


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