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On this page you will see a few paintings that are currently exhibiting in the Gallery. Original paintings of the beauty of Curaçao, its people, rich culture, and stunning architecture all in one place. The Plein Air, Plein Aerial (from heights) and Plein Eau (underwater) paintings are made on location by local and international artists, and are the perfect souvenir for your home.

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Boka Sami

by Heleen Cornet (Saba)

16" x 20",
acrylic on canvas


Baya II

by Debbie Missener  (Canada)

Oil painting


City Garden

by Arthur Oster  (Curacao)

24 x 30 cm
oil on canvas


Gomez plein

by Kippy Hammond  (France)

Oil on panel


Plaza Hotel

by Arthur Oster (Curacao)

30 x 40 cm

Oil on board




Jan Kok

by Juan Carlos Ruiz Soto  (Costa Rica)

12 x 15 cm

Acrylic on canvas



Impresion en Jan Kok

by Ulises Matos  (Cuba)

Acrylic on canvas


 St. Martha

by Ulises Matos (Cuba)


Acrylic on canvas


Fort Beekenburg 

by Ganna Filatova  (Austria)

Watercolor on canvas


Charming Landhuis Papaya

by Katy Branum  (Curacao)

20 x 25 cm


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