This is the main exhibition of plein air art created in Curaçao during the festival. The official opening of the exhibition takes place on February 25 - March 6, 2021 and is planned midway during the festival to give artists a chance to exhibit sufficient paintings. Artists, participating art students, sponsors, art lovers/buyers, the press, and VIPs from the art & business world will be invited. After the opening reception has taken place, the exhibition is open to the public. 

Exhibition of: Art pieces created during the festival

Made by: International & local festival artists

Hours: t.b.a.

Entrance: Free



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What is Plein Air Curacao?


Plein Air Curaçao is an international plein air painting festival on the island nation of Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean. It presents an opportunity for cultural exchange among nations and the celebration of friendship with its fabulous and multi-lingual people, beautiful tropical landscape and unique architecture through painting. Besides painting the beautiful tropical landscapes and architecture protected by Unesco World Heritage, the festival presents several creative events, including a series of paint–outs, workshops, other educational opportunities, exhibition and sale of the paintings produced during the festival.


In 2011, the 1st edition of the festival welcomed forty international and local outdoor painters who brought the beauty of Curaçao, its people, and culture to life on their canvases.


In 2013, the 2nd edition of the festival added Plein Eau painting. Artists painted from the sea (in boats during a sunset cruise) and on the sea (snorkelers), while Curaçao's crystal clear water guaranteed superb underwater painting possibilities for scuba-divers. During the 2013 Plein Air Curaçao festival the first watercolor painting was created in a submarine at 400ft depth.


In 2015, during the 3rd edition of the festival, both Plein Air and Plein Eau painting took place.


In 2017, artists from around the world are invited to travel to Curaçao to partake in the 4th edition of this Caribbean plein air festival.


Why is Curacao a good place to paint?


Beside good weather all year through, Curaçao has the perfect combination of stunning geography, rich cultural and architectural resources and that indefinable quality of being authentic and compelling. Noticeably cosmopolitan, it is both exotic and familiar. Moreover, it has all of this in a small, safe, well-run environment.



When is Plein Air Curacao?

Plein Air Curaçao is a festival held every other year. Our next festival will occur from February 25 to March 6, 2021.
Please visit this website frequently for more information and updates.


Why do local and International artists wish to participate in Plein Air Curacao?


Participating artists get international publicity. The organizers of Plein Air Curaçao and their international counterparts ease the logistical constraints that exist for trying to sell paintings in a foreign country. Besides the exhibitions in Curaçao, in 2011 a second exhibition was held in Maryland, USA; in 2012 an exhibition was held in Kiev, Ukraine; in 2014 an international exhibition was held in New York for those artists who participated in Plein Air Curaçao.


Sign up through the website for Plein Air Curaçao’s 6th edition which will take place from February 25 through March 6, 2021, and you too will profit from the many opportunities for exposure and sale of your art.


What is the schedule or itinerary for paint out artists from Curacao?


You’ll need to be available to paint on location Mon - Sat along with the international artists. Several suggested locations will be advertised, but you are free to paint wherever “en plein air” you choose.

Find the definite schedule here.



Who gets to paint during the Plein Air Curacao Festival?


There are generally three ways for artists to participate in the festival:


Paint-Out artists – Invited and registered local and international artists paint alongside one another during the week. As a participating artist, you will have the opportunity to sell your work in the Plein Air Curaçao Gallery. Other opportunities are offered for sales at hotels and in the park during the competition. We are looking into the possibility to upload pictures of the paintings to the website so that they can be seen and hopefully bought internationally. To register as a Paint-out artist, send three photos of recent plein-air paintings here.

Workshop participants - Take a class from international instructors


Competition participants – Participate in the Plein Air Curacao Competition in one of the four categories: Local Artist, International Artist, Teen & Young Adult and Open and win wonderful cash prices.

What is the process to sell paintings during the festival?


Once a painting is complete, it must be brought to the Plein Air Curacao Gallery. The Gallery Manager or a volunteer helps the artists through the painting registration process, where the painting info is registered on the system, official confirmation that the painting has been registered and delivered is given to the artist and later the painting will be hung in the ongoing exhibition (if there is enough room and complies with the standards set by our committee.) Our Gallery Managers and Sales Representatives will do their best to entice customers and sell all the paintings.


If a potential costumer is interested in purchasing a painting while it is being painted, or before it is delivered to the gallery, we recommend artists to take the buyer’s information and pass it along to the gallery managers so that they can contact the buyer and complete the transaction.


Why participate without guarantee of winning a prize or selling my work?


Plein Air Curaçao offers an opportunity to paint with some of the world's most talented artists. It is not only about competition and selling paintings. Creating art in large groups internationally, also reinforces important human values, acceptance of dissenting viewpoints and appreciation of other cultures, all which ultimately contributes to more peace in the world. Travel stretches the mind and a stretched mind never returns to its original dimensions. Artists also receive international promotion via social media, as well as all the international contacts made during the festival. Of course, artists can sell their paintings back home after the festival.


What will happen to paintings that go unsold at Plein Air?


International artists will be responsible for the transport of any unsold paintings. Unsold paintings must be checked out from all Plein Air Curaçao exhibit and sales locations by 06:00 pm on the last day of the Festival.



Who is responsible for paintings?


Each artist will remain solely responsible for their artwork at all times. Although utmost care will be given to each painting, neither Plein Air Curaçao nor any of their staff or volunteers will assume any kind of liability at any time.

What is the sales tax in Curacao and who is responsible for paying it?


Sales Tax is 6% and will be added to your purchase price and paid by Plein Air Curaçao.


As participating artist how will I get paid for work that is sold?


You will receive 60% of the proceeds on paintings sold, (less 6% sales tax) within 4 weeks of the festival. For paintings sold at the Plein Air Curaçao Gallery, Art Foundation Curaçao will retain 40% of proceeds from paintings sold to help finance the costs of the festival. For paintings sold at other venues (through PAC only), the artist receives 70%. This includes paintings made on request by clients (commissions). All payments are made via bank transfer or PayPal.


How do buyers deal with wet paintings?


We have come up with a way to package a wet painting safely and conveniently for travel: The “Art Cocoon” system (myartcocoon.com) will be used for ease of portability.


Which is the Plein Air Curacao exhibition and Sale day?


Plein Air Curaçao Gallery will be open daily to the public - free admission -  from February 25 to March 6, 2021 from 9.00 am - 6.00 pm. Artists may drop off newly completed work at any time during these hours. All work has to be picked up again on Saturday between 5.00 pm and 6.00 pm. 


Are there teaching opportunities in Curacao?


All workshops for students are managed directly by Plein Air Curaçao. Teaching opportunities are only for visiting international artists who the organization chooses, based on their teaching skills and styles. The reason for this is that locals can obtain classes 365 days a year from local teachers while they have this opportunity to exchange with artists from other countries through Plein Air Curacao only during 1 week every other year. Besides, it is a way to assist the teaching artists to recoup a small part of their travel costs. Students will have a different international teacher with different techniques and ideas every day. Depending on demand there might be adjunct education around the festival, such as demonstrations or lectures.


Who are the most likely buyers?

Hotels, restaurants and other businesses, homes, collectors and actually everybody should get one or more of these unique paintings! Each participant should make it a point to recruit potential buyers for the paintings they will produce, inviting them to attend the festival and the exhibitions.


The art galleries in Curaçao might buy some pieces to resell in their galleries. Of course, the Plein Air Curacao  organization is also applying its best efforts to recruit buyers, both among locals and tourists. We are also working to line up some buyers through certain activities including commissioning works. We will invite art collectors and dealers to attend the festival, reason why the prices in Curaçao should be lower than those in Europe and the USA, to allow the mark-up when a buyer resells the painting. If you know anyone who might like to have their properties or businesses painted or portraits of themselves, family, friends, pets made, please let us know.


At which locations will artists be painting?

Artists may explore the island and paint any content they wish. Artists are free to paint anywhere all day (most probably some will do a few evening scenes too). We do offer various paint-out locations in our program where artists get to paint a varying range of subjects and landscapes.


How will Plein Air Curacao be promoted in Curacao?


Plein Air Curaçao will be promoted in Curaçao through posters, flyers, www.PleinAirCuraçao.com, newspaper, radio and television programming and social media. Organizers appreciate the excellent access to the local press and are already generating excitement about the event. Organizers already appeared on the most watched morning TV show and radio show for 1 hour & ½ hour respectively. Flyers will be centrally distributed;, together with the most popular newspaper deliveries; and invitation cards which can be handed out throughout the Festival. Hotels will be asked to give tourists an invitation flyer on arrival in order to attract the attention of the transient market.


How can I get my paintings supplies to Curacao?


Now that airlines charge so much for baggage, some artists might prefer to send their supplies by freight ahead of time OR order supplies online via the Plein Air Curaçao web store and have them delivered in Curaçao. The online orders are placed with Jerry's Artarama Wholesale Art Supplies Store.


Orders will be shipped to Curaçao via Bon Bini Cargo Consolidators. The contact person at BBC Consolidators is Idania Larrubia:

Email: idania@bon-bini.com 

Tel: 305-594-1111 Ext. 103

Efax: 305-675-3231


To ensure proper delivery, orders and personal packages should be addressed as follows:


Can local participating-artist host foreign artists at their homes for the week of the Plein Air Curacao Festival?


The foreign professional painters can stay with local families if they so choose. Local artists get preference to host because they will benefit the most from the direct contact with the foreign artists and vice-versa. However, for organizational purposes, it is necessary for all host addresses to be centrally located. All that is asked is that you provide a bedroom, bathroom and a bit of space in the fridge. If the host is willing to pick up the guest at the airport and take them back or offer a cup of coffee in the morning or comparable niceties, this would be appreciated, but it is not a requirement.


The foreign artists expect comfortable and very clean accommodations, but do not expect luxury. All locations will be visited by Plein Air Curacao organizers and confirmed in advance.


Interested in hosting? Please contact us by

  • calling chairperson Mrs. Hellen Chirino-Roosberg (Curacao) or  (+1) 516 515 7581 (New York) 

  • sending an email to hospitality@gmail.com

  • Register online for our host program here


10301 N.W. 108 Ave.

Suite 2

Medley, Florida 33178-1005


For further delivery to...


ARTIST'S NAME (example: Javiera Smith)

c/o Hellen Chirino-Roosberg,

Art Foundation Curaçao,

Cas Cora weg 20,

Willemstad, Curaçao

Dutch Caribbean.

Tel: (5999) 736 1719 or (5999) 528 7875

Every Friday a ship leaves to Curaçao. Arrival in Curacao is on Wednesdays. It is cheaper if packages are sent to reach BBC within 30 days so that they can all go together. However, shipment of loose pieces, although more expensive, is also possible. Up to 30 days no charge for storage. Price is about $ 3.64 per ft3 + insurance + $ 50 for documents.


*Must email or e-fax all invoices to BBC before sending the cargo.


Plein Air Curacao will take care of the further local handling free of charge. However, any payments we have to advance to third parties will be billed to the artist without any (administrative) mark-up from Plein Air Curacao.