Diane Joy Laird

Designer and artist, Diane Joy Laird, is the owner of Simple Joys LLC. Diane’s “signature style” combines watercolor and pen/ink to create paintings that exhibit rich color, transparency, and meaningful subject matter in a realistic context. Her background in architectural detailing and perspective drawing, along with her current profession in downtown revitalization, naturally directs much of her work toward historic architecture, although she finds that a wide variety of imagery and subject matter keep things lively and enjoyable. Her work evokes a sensory and meaningful response in the viewer…joy! 


Much of Diane’s work currently focuses on Delaware and Eastern Shore Maryland, though she travels frequently and enjoys the variety that other locations and seasons bring. Diane often paints outdoors with other artists, and has recently painted “en plein air” in Delaware, Maryland and most recently in the highly acclaimed, week-long outdoor painting event Plein Air Easton (July 2014.)

“Watercolor paintings that exhibit an imaginative and beautiful blend of delicate detail and color washes…an approach that is clean and crisp, yet gentle as the medium of watercolor at its best!”

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