Inge Leonora-den Ouden
Plein Air Artist

I started painting in watercolors after inheriting her father's watercolor-kit in 1984. Before that year drawing was my hobby, since my early childhood. I am mostly autodidact, I followed one year of education to become a drawing-teacher (did not finish that school).

As well as my father before me, I like drawing and watercolor-painting outdoors, from real life subjects. I discovered that's callled 'Plein Air' when I visited Curaçao and I found out they had a festival for it. So I joined Plein Air Curaçao since the second edition. I enjoyed it and back in the Netherlands started with Urban Sketching (which is Plein Air sketching).

About my art and style, this is what Milli tells about it:

“Inge's work has a graphic, almost naive, quality that nevertheless brilliantly captures an important moment. Her work is filled with obvious passion, it is clear she loves what she does from the effort she puts into every single piece. The colors she chooses reflect either her subjects emotions or her own. This is what separates her from many other artists, who tend to copy what they see, rather


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