Sandra Nunes
Plein Air Artist

An award winning contemporary Brazilian artist from Rio de Janeiro, Sandra Nunes is in love with her native city, her main source of inspiration. Strolling through its urban, suburban and bucolic sites, she interprets and recreates passionately the relationship between shapes and colors, testifying the routine of its inhabitants.

Most of her work is en plein air, done in one or more painting sessions in oil, soft pastels, charcoal or watercolor. Wherever there is something that catches her attention and touches her soul, she is compelled to paint and share.

Her light filled paintings have been featured in prominent art publications and can be found in several private/public corporations collections (in Brazil and abroad).

The artist teaches group workshops in her studio and en plein air around the world.

“Plein Air Painting has a special poetic. It is challenging, demanding from the artist an extreme professionalism in search of more satisfactory results. Besides technique, it is essential the knowledge and understanding that art can come from the sensitive nature without being just a copy. I hope my paintings are not just iconographic representations, but reflect also a deep insight into the subject. Some of these works may display the beauty I see in Nature and the passion for the pigments whether oil, pastel or charcoal. A painting with integrity speaks for itself.”