Sylvia Waterloo

I was born in Aruba and I live in Holland. I draw and I paint.

I graduated from Art academy Haarlem in The Netherlands, a five years education from 2009 – 2014, aimed at becoming an independent artist.

I paint with acrylic paint or oil paint. I like to use mixed media in my paintings, such as paper, charcoal, oil pastel, sand.

I enjoy working with charcoal on paper.

I prefer to make large works on canvas or paper.


I love the sea

I paint boats

I am interested in harbors

I get excited when leaving a harbor to discover new places

I am fascinated by harbor structures, like cranes

I like industrial structures

I use these in my works in order to visualize and express my feelings

I need to be touched by something to make good works

I am driven by themes like power, suppression and rebellion

I am driven by themes like life, death and hope

I love my Caribbean island