Ulises Matos

I was born on February 6, 1966 in the city of Santiago de Cuba. In 1978 I joined the Provincial School of Plastic Arts "José Joaquín Tejada.

In 1986 I graduated as Professor of Drawing and Painting. In 1987 I started working as Decorator A in a Red Ceramic Workshop, until October of 1988, when I started working as a teacher of Plastic Arts in the Teacher Training School of Primary Teachers "Frank País García". I worked as a professor of Plastic Arts in the workshops and programs of Drawing, Painting, Appreciation of Visual Arts and Methodology of the Teaching of Plastic Arts; I occupied the position of Head of the Chair of Plastic Arts in the specialty of Primary Teachers.

As of 1991, I am part of the Faculty of Primary Teachers of the Superior Institute "Frank País García" teaching classes in the Drawing and Painting workshops, Appreciation of the Visual Arts, Plastic Arts Methodology and Cuban Art,

In 1994 I joined the Association "Hermanos Saíz" (young artists) and participated in several artistic projects and exhibitions, which is really the year of beginning of my serious artistic production and participation in official Exhibitions and Salons.

In the year 1995, he entered the Department of Plastic Education of the Faculty of Humanities of the Higher Institute.

In 1997 I worked in the creation project of the Gallery of the Institute and the Salon of Teachers of Plastic Arts. In the same year I got a Mention in the "XXX Salon of November" in the Universal Art Gallery of Santiago de Cuba.


In 1998 I completed my higher education in the Plastic Education Degree with the category of Gold Title and Best Integrated Graduate Student of the Pedagogical Institute "Frank País García". In 1999 I was appointed Director of the Professional Academy of Plastic Arts "José Joaquín Tejada"..

I have participated in around 73 exhibitions between Salones, Expo Colectivas and 6 Personales.

In 2005; 2007; 2016, I impart Workshops to foreign students through the Provincial Center of Improvement for Art and Culture, in the 2017 Workshop on painting techniques. Plein Air. International Art Festival. Curacao.


2015 I made Project Amanecer with children from the communities around the Professional Academy of Plastic Arts "José Joaquín Tejada".


I have been part of the jury in plastic arts, municipal, provincial, carnival, theater events, I have taught courses, I participated as an artist in the realization of the murals in several of the municipalities of the province, I have done several scenography works for theatrical groups, among others.

I am currently working in the Academy and teaching in my workshop through the "El Castillo" Project.