A buddy is a friendly volunteer who is not part of the core Plein Air Curaçao team, but who can assist visiting artists with transport and/or information between 08:00 am and 06:00 pm. Plein Air Curaçao will assign a buddy to each artist, but if urgent, artists can cross-body, meaning that if an artist cannot reach their assigned buddy, they can call one of the other buddies on the overview list of all buddies. Artists are given a courtesy envelope with a list of buddies, including the name and telephone number of their assigned buddy. 

Of course, PAC team members will remain available at all times and all artists will have their names and telephone numbers too. 




Artists are encouraged to rent a car and share the cost with other artists. Artists that have their own rental car, will receive a map of Curaçao but can make use of their buddy for information if needed.




The “Experience Curaçao Family Life” program is designed to give foreign artists a first-hand experience of how people live in Curaçao, primarily as part of the cultural exchange and secondly to reprieve from accommodation expenses associated with participation in Plein Air Curaçao. It enables community members to become acquainted with our visiting artists in an even more direct way and become part of the festival while supporting it and more generally, the arts community in a most meaningful way. 

What is expected of host families?



  • Host families are ready to provide the artists (and if applicable, a spouse or partner) with a private air conditioned bedroom, a bathroom, and room in the refrigerator.

  • Host families understand that the artist is there to paint and may spend very little time with them. Many artists work odd hours to catch the first light of day or stay out late painting sunsets. Host families are respectful of the artists’ schedules and let them come and go as they please;

  • Host family homes are located in safe neighborhoods; 

  • Housing is made available for the whole period of the festival;

  • When artists are matched with their host families, the artists are provided all contact information so that they may communicate with host families directly;

  • Host families expect no compensation for their generosity;




Plein Air Curaçao always strives to add positive social and educational elements to its promotion of artists and art. We have ongoing free art programs at the youth group homes ('internaten') in Curaçao. Additionally, we give free art classes at schools. With these art programs, Plein Air Curaçao strives to give (underprivileged) kids an outlet for their creativity, to give them an opportunity to learn painting skills, and how to help themselves and others. 

The specific goals are to:

  • present new techniques for drawing and painting;

  • develop skills in working with different mediums;

  • develop an affinity and understanding of visual art;

  • present the possibility to use their fantasy and perception of nature and reality;

  • the use of colour and form;

  • to learn to express feelings and channel their emotions and past experiences.



As part of the Plein Air Curaçao Ambassadors Program to promote the festival and Curaçao, foreign artists who participate in the festival are encouraged and assisted in holding exhibitions and presentations of the paintings of Curaçao in their country and in other countries they travel to.


As a result, exhibitions were held in, with the following results:

  • Oct 2011: Eastern Shore, Maryland in the USA by Nancy Tankersley (USA)

  • Feb 2013: Curaçao, by Alexander Belozor (Ukraine) and Prof. Warren Buck (USA).

  • Feb 2013: Lindenhof, Leipzig in Germany by Michael Bliem (Austria)

  • Feb 2013: Spinnwerk, Leipzig in Germany by Michael Bliem (Austria)

  • Mar 2013: Exhibition at beach of Barcelona by Michael Bliem and Anna Filatova

  • Mar 2013: Estudio Nomada in Barcelona by Michael Bliem (Austria)

  • Apr 2013: Estudio Nomada in Barcelona by Anna Filatova (Ukraine)

  • Apr 2013: Airport Girona, in Spain by Michael Bliem and Anna Filatova

  • Apr 2013: Gallery Nou Mil-lenni, Barcelona, Spain by M. Bliem & A. Filatova

  • Jun 2013: Gallery 3K, Stockholm by Anna Filatova (Ukraine)

  • Aug 2013: Szigetfestival in Budapest by Michael Bliem and Anna Filatova

  • Aug 2013: CARIFESTA Paramaribo, Surinam by Hellen Chirino (Curaçao)

During the Kiev exhibition Curaçao food, made by our Ukrainian Ambassadors was enjoyed.



The team of Plein Air Curaçao consists mainly of volunteers. The organization and execution of the festival is a great effort and without the help of volunteers, the festival simply would not be possible. Therefore, we always need new volunteers who can help us make the festival an even bigger success. There are many ways in which volunteers can help: work behind the scenes at the office, set up and break down exhibitions, help with marketing activities, welcome visitors at the exhibitions and give them a tour, assist kids painting at the park, transport materials, and run errands.

  • Each volunteer opportunity is different - with its own unique set of skills and experience. Many volunteer opportunities do not require an art background. Prospective volunteers should be enthusiastic, flexible, and willing to learn new things.

  • Enjoy working with many types of people;

  • Possess good verbal & communication skills;

  • Have a pleasant personality & neat appearance;

  • Are 15 years or older; 



Art Foundation Curaçao counts on the support of many companies, organizations, and individuals who ensure that Plein Air Curaçao exists and thrives into the future. They donate time, finances and/or materials. Our main sponsors, among which Mondriaan Fonds, Maduro & Curiel’s Bank, and Prins Bernhard Fonds, are listed on our website. Foreign artists who participate in Plein Air Curaçao support us by holding exhibitions and presentations of their 'Curaçao paintings' in their own countries and other countries they visit. And behind the scenes we have countless of invaluable volunteers and smaller donators.

  • Besides exposing Curaçao’s beauty abroad and promoting Curaçao as an art destination, Plein Air Curaçao also strives to add positive social and educational elements to its promotion of artists and art locally; we have an ongoing free art program at the Judicial Juvenile Institution Curaçao (JJIC), and give free art classes at schools and at the Cultural Center Curaçao (CCC). In 2015 the youth group homes in Curaçao was added to this list. 

  • Your support towards the biennial festival and the ongoing social art programs would be greatly appreciated. Please help make Art Foundation Curaçao realize its objectives by attending the Plein Air Curaçao festival and telling your art friends about it. Financial donations, big and small, are welcome as well.

Your support towards the bi-annual festival and the ongoing social art programs would be greatly appreciated. Please help make Art Foundation Curaçao realize its objectives by attending the Plein Air Curaçao festival and telling your art friends about it. Financial donations, big and small, are welcome as well.

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